Soul Soothing Sustenance Sessions

For Black Lives Matters Organizers & the BIPOC Healers supporting them.

The country is being torn apart by the increase of state-sanctioned police violence against unarmed Black Folk. And you are directly contributing to the fight for justice. But what are you doing to take care of you?

Are you:
  feeling overwhelmed?
  in need of a recharge?
  feeling drained?
  in need of some quiet time?
  experiencing increasing/new chronic pain or tension in your body?
  in need of physical or spiritual nurturing?

Then contact me for some physical & energetic self-care. We need you & you need you. Placing your self-care as a priority is just as much of a radical act as the marches, and the take-overs, and the traffic shut-downs, and everything else you're doing to make this country play by the same rules for all.

Soul-Soothing Sustenance are donation-based* sessions for Black folk organizing Black Lives Matter actions. A sacred space for you to receive pampering nurturance while releasing the grief & rage & exhaustion & hopelessness you may be carrying. A meld of bodywork, breathwork, energywork, and soundwork; this session is an opportunity for you to re/connect with your erotic self, your deepest joy. A replenishing retreat for the radiant revolutionary.

I also strongly encourage BIPoC (Black folk, Indigenous folk, and other People of Color) healers who've been supporting the protestors & organizers during this time to schedule one of these sessions.

If you are outside of the Bay Area, 60min Skype sessions are also available (w/o the bodywork of course).

*No one turned away for lack of funds.


“M'kali-Hashiki's integral approach to her work threads through her practice, politics, touch, emotional presence & spirit. It's a deeply nourishing yet relaxed session.”

"It felt great to be seen - M'kali-Hashiki is such a safe witness!"


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M'kali-Hashiki is a Mystic Sexual Renegade. A Black, queer, polyamorous, kinky, middle-aged Femme Dyke. A Certified Sexological Bodyworker; a Certified Sound, Voice & Music Healing Practitioner; and a Certified Tantric Sacred Intimate. A published author, a former progressive social justice organizer, a devotee of the Yoruban spiritual & science tradition of Ifa; she believes the spiritual & the sexual are irrevocably intertwined. Her spirituality & her politics inform her private practice "The Enstatic Body™: Radical Transformation Through Erotic Empowerment for QTIPOC & Allied Folk."

The Enstatic Body™ offers private sessions to individuals, couples, and triads as well as Erotic Breathwork workshops and webinars. M'kali-Hashiki also facilitates Team-Building & Stress Reduction workshops using Enstatic Breathwork for companies, political organizations, and arts organizations. You can find out more about her practice here.