Enstatic Breathwork™

Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.
~Henry Miller

“M'kali-Hashiki taught me how to breathe. And that's big.”

“[I particularly liked] the initial discussion time about sensuality, sex, & eroticism.”

“Your presentation style [was] relaxed, focused, knowledgeable, approachable, & fun. Content [was] unique, practical, life-changing.”


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Queer Touch Ritual
An Afternoon of Erotic Touch In A
MultiRacial Queer Community of Women & Trans Folk

Saturday October 29, 2106 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm PST
San Francisco

Upcoming Enstatic Events™

Erotic Breathwork for Healing Practitioners
Spring 2017

Erotic Breathwork For Lovers
February 2017

Erotic Breathwork Series for Sexworkers
Virtual Workshop 5-part Series
Spring 2017

Erotic Breathwork for Spiritual Explorers
Spring 2017

Erotic Breathwork

Breath is an anchor, a vehicle, a springboard. Breath is the glue that keeps us in our bodies & connects us deeply to those around us. In these workshops & webinars, we will delve into Erotic Breathwork: a meld of rebirthing, Taoist, & Tantric Breathwork techniques. We will go over chakras & energy systems. We will also discuss the difference between the sensual, the sexual, & the erotic.

Erotic Breathwork is one way of deepening the connection with our erotic energy. Having a strong connection with our erotic energy can help ease chronic pain, can help enhance our creativity, and can help us have better sex lives. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. There is no nudity or sexual activities in workshops.



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Breathwork Coaching
I offer individual Erotic Breathwork Instruction & Coaching.
Breathwork Barge
  * 3 weekly 1hr private Erotic Breathwork sessions
  * home exercises
  * 1 of my guided meditation mp3s
  * a 5% discount on any Enstatic Event™.

Partner Workshops
These are private sessions for lovers: couples or triads. The focus of the session is learning how to use Erotic Breathwork to increase your intimacy and enhance your private time together. Please contact me for more information. I also offer online workshops for lovers. The next ones are on Valentine's Day. One for couples, and one for triads/threesomes.

Group Workshops
I am available to come to your college, women's group, home, or heartcircle to teach Erotic Breathwork, or facilitate other sexuality and eroticism workshops. Please contact me for more information.

Public Workshops
In the Bay Area I produce regular Erotic Breathwork classes on a monthly basis; some 1-day, some 4-5 weeks series. Most workshops take place in Berkeley, but I'll start producing some in San Francisco in late Spring.

Virtual Workshops
In these interactive online workshops you learn all the same techniques taught in the public workshops from the comfort of your home, regardless of where you live. You will be able to see & hear not just me, but also the other attendees. You will need a laptop/desktop/tablet with a webcam that can run Zoom, & a secure internet connection. Some Online Workshops meet only once, some are ongoing series meeting 4-6 weeks.

Conferences & Adult Venues
In addition to briefer Erotic Breathwork workshops at various Sex Toy stores around the continent, I also facilitate workshops on other aspects of embodied eroticism at various gatherings around the country.


Other Enstatic Learning

Enstatic Breathwork™ For The Workplace
I offer Enstatic Breathwork™ workshops to companies & non-profits. Enstatic Breathwork™ can be used to help employees learn to manage their stress, as well as for Team Building exercises & retreats. Please contact me for more information.

Pleasure Portal Massage Workshops COMING SOON!
An opportunity to learn how to give and receive tender, sensual genital massage that acknowledges & celebrates the genitals as a direct conduit to The Divine.

The Enstatic Body™ E-Course COMING SOON!
The Enstatic Body™ Program is a 6 week course of study for women presented in the comfort & privacy of your own home. Using the latest web & teleconference technology, you will become a part of a community of women committed to their erotic growth. This program is designed to help you understand your female body, re/connect with your erotic power, & learn the art of erotic embodiment.

Snuggle Soirée™ for Queer Women of Color & Their Peeps COMING SOON!
An evening to engage in non-sexual touch, centered around the value & needs of Queer Women of Color.

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