Our Journey

You are already perfect, peaceful, and powerful. You don’t need to become anything. You simply need to remember yourself.
~Vironika Tugaleva

Working with me offers you the chance to have the erotic, sexual, and sensual life that is your birthright; the life you've been seeking. Such a transformation does not happen overnight, nor does it happen without effort. So with very few exceptions, I only work with people on an ongoing basis, lasting months or years depending on their goals & how much time they want to invest in reaching them. I do offer a few single or sporadic sessions but only to very specific people (healers, sexworkers & BLM organizers), or for a very specific reason (a consult, an intensive, a ritual). In addition to ongoing support, I also offer 2 accelerated programs, and as well as private Erotic Breathwork instruction.

I am able to work with folk who don’t live in the SF Bay area. In addition to working exclusively via Skype sessions, I can offer programs that have 1 monthly in person session (either you travel to the SF Bay area, or if you live in Portland, Los Angeles, or Seattle, I can travel to you). Skype sessions are also available for those with mobility issues.

I also offer 5 week group journeys around a specific topic (healers & eroticism, QWOC erotic development, sexworkers self-care, and others). Sign up for the newsletter to learn when the next group journey is.

Next Steps

If you wish to embark on a journey of transformation with me as your guide, here are your next steps (click on each step for more information):
  • Step One: Read about Erotic Paths & Session Structure
    You are not limited to one goal in our work together, but choosing a priority determines how we reach the other goals.
  • Step Two: Schedule A Consultation
    A complimentary consultation over Skype or phone where I can learn more about your situation & give you a preview of our possible work together.
  • Step Three: Choose Your Program
    At the end of the consultation, if we decide to move forward, you'll choose one of my Offerings.
  • Step Four: Make Your Deposit
    Receive your welcome packet, agreements, & invoice.
  • Step Five: Our First Session!


Step One: Erotic Paths & Session Structure

Erotic Paths

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Wholeness Waterway
This is your path if any of the following feel true for you:
 You often feel disconnected from your body.
 You want to develop a deeper or more authentic relationship with your body.
 You live mostly in your head.
 You're adjusting to a chronic condition.
You're undergoing or have undergone a physical transformation.
Sexual Empowerment Stream
This is your path if any of the following feel true for you:
 Your sex life isn't satisfying.
 You find it hard to ask for what you want.
 You don’t really know what you want.
You want to explore your body’s capacity for pleasure.
 You have difficulty saying "No" to things you don't want.
Regeneration Runnel
This is your path if any of the following are true for you:
You are a Healer*, Sexworker, or Social Justice Activist or Organizer.
You’ve completed or are in the process of your trauma recovery, but the changing patterns don't seem to have settled in your body yet.
 You want to explore the healing power of pleasure.
You've just started your trauma recovery work & you want your body involved from jump.
 You experience a lot of "vicarious trauma" through your work & don't have the space to somatically process it.
*Healer = those involved in any healing profession: alternative, complementary, conventional, or integrative.
Embodied Spirituality Estuary
This is your path if any of the following feel true for you:
 You feel like your spiritual journey is taking you out of your body.
 You feel activated in your upper chakras but not your lower ones.
 You want to ground your spirituality in your flesh.
 You want to experience the sacredness of pleasure.
Connection Creek
This is your path if you & your lover(s) want to enhance your physical, emotional, or energetic intimacy. These sessions are for couples, 3somes, 4somes/moresomes; or any configuration of lovers & metamours.

Session Structure

Each session contains at least one of the following modalities, and may be built around one of the following core components.
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Session Modalities
Breathwork: A meld of rebirthing, Taoist & Tantric breathing techniques.

Bodywork: A combo of passive stretches Swedish strokes, Lomi-Lomi strokes, & Cranio-Sacral holds & releases in the context of Neo-Reichian and/or Sexological Bodywork.

Soundwork: Vocal toning, tuning forks, and/or intentional musical selection.

Energywork: Engaging the chakras and/or the energy body.

Session Cores
The following are just a sample of the many things we can focus on in a session, there are many other possibilities.
 Chakra Balancing
 Body Mapping
 Energy Renewal
 Unblocking Energy Flow
 Yoni Massage
 Goddess Spot Massage
 Grounding & Shielding
 Sacred Kink
 Pelvic Release Massage
 Rosebud Massage
 Erotic Ritual
 Chakra Balancing
 Masturbation Coaching
 Erotic Trance

Step Two:

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Step Three: Offerings

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Breathwork Barge
3 weekly 1hr Erotic Breathwork sessions.

Enstatic Evolution
3, 5, or 9 month Programs tailored to your desired goals: 2 hour in-person sessions alternating with 30min Skype/phone sessions. There are home practices given after every in-person session, and you can choose from 1-3 of my Guided Visualization mp3 to support you in your journey. The first month of each program is dedicated to building our "sacred container" (establishing trust, intimacy, safety) & uncovering more of the underlying somatic, spiritual, & energetic aspects of your current situation.
Cheerful Conversion: 3 month program
Merry Metamorphosis: 5 month program
Rapturous Rebirth: 9 month program

Intensive Illumination
3-6 hours of diving very deep. There are many options, including focused Rituals (Menopause, Grieving, Body Reclamation, Pre/Post Abortion, etc), multiple session components, and/or "field trips".

Accelerated Advancement
These programs move at a more rapid pace so aren't recommended for whose who've never experienced Sacred Intimacy or Sexological Bodywork sessions, unless you have a very specific short-term goal in mind. There are home practices given after every in person session, and you can choose from 1-3 of my Guided Visualization mp3 to support you in your journey.
Reverent Rapids: 3 biweekly 2hr in person sessions alternating with 2 30min Skype/phone calls
Sacred Sprint: 5 biweekly 2hr in person sessions alternating with 4 30min Skype/phone calls.

Episodic Engagements
These 90min sessions are only for Healers, Adult Service Providers, Black Lives Matter Organizers, or those who've already completed a program or intensive with me. They can be scheduled on an "as-needed" basis.

Virtual Voyages
Our interactions occur solely or primarily on Skype. Options:
Breathwork Bite: a 90mins introduction to Erotic Breathwork.
Wired Wisdom: a 50-minute consult on Becoming An Erotic/Sexual Healer, Exploring BDSM, Exploring Polyamoury, or Becoming/Hiring A Sexworker.
Skype Sojourns: A monthly program of either all Skype sessions, or a combo of 1 in person session & some Skype sessions. We tailor the duration & number of sessions to your goals, availability, and budget.

Step Four: Deposit

After the consultation is over, I'll send you a private link to use to schedule your first appointment. Some appointments require a deposit in order to schedule. You'll also receive a welcome packet with our agreements, decide how you want to pay for the rest of your appointment/program (pre-paid; monthly; biweekly; weekly), & receive an invoice for the balance if applicable.

Step Five: Our First Session!

I'll either see you in my San Francisco or Oakland studio, or "see" you online. I am honored & excited to start this journey with you!

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My Commitment to You

When you do something with a lot of honesty, appetite and commitment, the input reflects in the output.
A. R. Rahman

My main responsibility is to create & maintain a safe container for your journey. With that in mind I am committed to starting on time & ending on time. I am committed to being fully present during our time together. I am committed to setting & respecting appropriate boundaries. I am committed to hearing & respecting your “no”, as well as your “yes”. I am committed to following hygienic practices during any session involving touch.

You can expect me to use all of my skills & intuition in service to your energetic, spiritual, and physical bodies. You can expect me to tell the truth as I understand it. You can expect me to be your cheerleader, your advocate, your guide.

The focus of all our time together is your sensual, sexual, and erotic growth. All sessions are focused on your experience; my personal sexual needs are met elsewhere. I am not available for dating or fucking clients. And while it's true that many of my acquaintances, friends, & colleagues have become clients, and many clients have moved on to become friends; there is a separation between my professional & personal lives. If you are an acquaintance, friend, or colleague of mine, feel free to ask if you need further clarification.



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