I welcome you regardless of race or ethnicity, sex, gender, age, size,
gender identity or expression, ability, sexual preference or orientation.


What Is An Enstatic Body?

Life in a physical body is meant to be an ecstatic experience.
~Shakti Gawain

Ecstasy (rapturous joy, bliss) is generally thought to be an experience that transports you out of yourself. Enstasy is rapturous joy or bliss contained within the body. So "Enstatic Body" is sort of redundant . Our work together has you focus on "trancing in" rather than "trancing out". The body contains universes, and I am here to help you explore them.

The erotic offers a well of replenishing & provocative force for the [person] that does not fear its revelation.
~Audre Lorde

If You Desire

any of the following:
 to indulge in the healing power of pleasure
 to integrate your spirituality & your sexuality
 to have a more satisfying sex life
 regular sensual pampering
 to experience “erotic trance” states
 to experience “full-body” orgasms
 to enhance your intimacy with your partner(s)
 an deep connection to your body
 to expand masturbation into “self-pleasuring rituals”
 an embodied sexuality
 to finally achieve genital orgasm
 to explore the body’s potential for pleasure


If You Are:

any of the following:
 experiencing a physical or emotional transformation
 recovering from/adjusting to chronic illness
 grieving the death of a loved one or a relationship
 a survivor seeking to feel whole again
 wanting to feel emphatic joy in all aspects of your life

Then you've found the right place to start the next phase of your journey; whether your goal is being more present in your body, having a better sex life, integrating your spirituality & your sexuality, enhancing your intimacy with your lover(s), thriving while living with trauma, or just replenishing your well (or some combo of all of the above). I specialize in creating a safe space for you to educate yourself, to experience, explore, and experiment.

We will put your body in the driver's seat for acquiring & processing information about what feels good to you. Working together we will strengthen your connection with your erotic energy. Being able to readily access your erotic energy expands your sense of joy beyond the sexual: to ease your challenges, fuel your creativity, fuel your passion for living, fuel your personal (r)evolution.

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While anyone can benefit from this work, I particularly recommend it for people in the following fields:
 Arts & Entertainment
 Social & Environmental Justice
 Healing Arts & Sciences
 Sexwork & The Adult Industry
Working in these fields can be extremely personally rewarding, yet take a toll on the energetic, spiritual, and physical bodies of those who are called to them. These effects often manifest in specific ways that are unique to each field. I provide non-judgmental support and a rejuvenating container where you can be held, seen, and cared for in all of your technicolor glory.


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